Monday, 30 April 2007

Northern Exposure

The first indicator of a losing battle is the personal attack. The anti-bypass chaps have finally realised they have no substance to their arguement and have now chosen local Councillor, Roy Oldham, as the focus of their vicious and subversive attacks.

In one post on a linked website the anti-bypass mob promote the use of attacking the Councillor with a 'heavy brick'. This type of underground activity has shown these anarchists in their true form.

It comes as no suprise that the roll of dishonour amongst the anti chaps and chapettes includes:

website designer
failed craft/hobby business
Contraversial hypnotist
several unemployed suckling from state benefits

Now let's look at the letter printed in the local press from a Councillor who has worked all his life and even in retirement he is still championing the Longdendale cause:

Letter to local press from Councillor Oldham

As we approach the long overdue Public Inquiry for a decision to be made on this piece on infrastructure, the antibodies are still pushing the threadworn and hypocritical suggestion of alternatives such as a HGV ban on the A628.They are vastly aware that this suggestion is flawed in a number of ways.

First the cross-Pennine traffic consists of more private cars than HGVs.Secondly, they will not put the argument against traffic that arises in the Peak Park and the tourist traffic that visits the towns and park areas.A significant traffic flow moves in and out of the Peak Park, HGVs from the quarries and cement works, private vehicles taking Peak Park residents into the Greater Manchester area to work and play and vice versa.

Will the bypass objectors ask for a ban on these vehicles?Will they ask for a prohibition of tourist vehicles - some 17 million per year? Will the local objectors who live off the village' main roads, who without hesitation add their own vehicles to the congestion, use public transport?I suggest the answer to all the questions will be met with a mealy mouth, "let's find alternatives", instead of an honest "no" - it's do as I say not as I do.

They pay their lip service to how the problem of congestion is terrible but their care for the school and children or the residents of Market Street, Hollingworth, is second to all others.The fact seems not to matter that vehicular pollution via engine exhausts, particularly from brakes, tyres and clutch pads, invades the school and resident's homes, be it from the objectors' own vehicles or others. The support from those elected by the people is immense.The whole 10 Councils of Greater Manchester (including Tameside), the Regional Councils of the North West and East Midlands, Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Council, and the four MPs.Let the Inquiry make its decision and it it's positive, get on with the construction, so as to bring relief to those who live with the problem on a daily basis

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