Wednesday, 6 June 2007

They Seek Him Here

Our friends over at are now convined I am a 30 year old Tameside Councillor... cool dude!

But seriously, their blog seems to be a list of personal vendettas rather than sticking to the debate. Every public figure seems to be a willing target for these nameless, shameless thugs.

Having an annonymous 'go' at a public figure is a bit shite as everyone knows they can not have a go back.

anyway, back to the issue. CPRE? hahaha. just because they were caught out SUPPORTING the bypass they have done some serious backpedaling, we should put them in for the Tour de France!

Roadmunkey 1 CPRE 0

Monday, 4 June 2007

Winning the fight?

Hello? Heeellllloooooo? Are there any anti-bypass people left? Well it looks as though the anti-bypass people are losing the fight and their resolve is shaking under the flood of support to reduce traffic and improve the villages in Longdendale.

rather strangely the antis have turned their attack on Tesco and are slowly drifting away from the bypass issue.

a rather interesting letter in the Glossop Chronicle last week supporting the bypass had NO REPLIES from the anti brigade!

Here is an abridged version of the letter from Cllr Sean Parker-Perry:

Firstly I would like to echo some of the opinions expressed by Cllr Ivan Bell who clearly demonstrates there is a need for the Mottram bypass. The arguments for this bypass have been printed in your pages many, many times and I will emphasise that not only will this bypass improve the lives and environment of thousands of residents under siege in the Longdendale valley through Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle but even the CPRE agrees on it’s website that “..a bypass can relieve a village of the misery of traffic…”

I also agree that the residents of Hadfield and Tintwistle are getting a raw deal. High Peak Borough Council seem to be ‘top loading’ this area with trading estates and poor quality housing such as the flats at Woolley Bridge. The thinking behind Rossington Park is warped at best and this facility would be better placed in Trafford Park.

Your correspondent, Daniel Hooper, does not even have the face to use a real name. Daniel Hooper is the real name of the infamous Swampy and gives some insight into the letter writer’s intentions. Mr Hooper should make his political stance known, is he a pseudo-liberal who thinks stopping the bypass is the right thing to do or is he a right wing extremist who supports non-elected quangos in the Peak Park?

Thursday, 17 May 2007

faceless fascist

Daniel Hooper is wasting paper again in the Glossop Chronicle it is clear he has no intention of putting a face to the name he shares with his idol 'Swampy'.

Does this man never stop banging on about Rossington Park? ok, ok we now it is an eye sore but if we have crap Councillors (which you think Roadmunkey is one) then there is bugger all we can do!

As stated before in this blog, I see no problem with supporting the bypass but knocking the over-development. This goes naturally hand-in-hand. We all want to get rid of the through traffic in Longdendale, but then HPBC comes along and starts building trading estates!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Cycling through Mottram last week on a particularly miserable wet May morning I lifted my weary eyes and looked through the drizzle to see a large people carrier chugging along Market street with a very haggered, sour face at the wheel.

I was suprised that the 'queen of the school walk' had abandoned her wellies and opted for the gas guzzler - part-time environmentalist or just a blatant hypocrite?

Answers on a postcard to: The pedestrian crossing was a waste of resources, PO box 1, Roadmunkey avenue, tarmac town

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


That is the word used by the Highways Agency today when I asked if they have ever received so much support FOR a bypass. It seems the Government is taking heed that this is the most supported bypass in the country and may consider pushing the project forward by six months.

The anti fools are at it again we see. Not only have they tried to publish abusive comments on my blog (thanks for visiting) but they are now attacking the barristers in the public enquiry (details passed to respective Chambers).

The latest bit of phishing by the anti chaps is a kerfuffle over the No10 Downing Street petitions. It comes as no suprise that their first attempt at this was REMOVED by Downing street officials as they had maliciously entered the names of known SUPPORTERS of the bypass.

Who exactly are we dealing with here? I would suggest a malignant, subversive and anarchic underclass.

Monday, 30 April 2007

Northern Exposure

The first indicator of a losing battle is the personal attack. The anti-bypass chaps have finally realised they have no substance to their arguement and have now chosen local Councillor, Roy Oldham, as the focus of their vicious and subversive attacks.

In one post on a linked website the anti-bypass mob promote the use of attacking the Councillor with a 'heavy brick'. This type of underground activity has shown these anarchists in their true form.

It comes as no suprise that the roll of dishonour amongst the anti chaps and chapettes includes:

website designer
failed craft/hobby business
Contraversial hypnotist
several unemployed suckling from state benefits

Now let's look at the letter printed in the local press from a Councillor who has worked all his life and even in retirement he is still championing the Longdendale cause:

Letter to local press from Councillor Oldham

As we approach the long overdue Public Inquiry for a decision to be made on this piece on infrastructure, the antibodies are still pushing the threadworn and hypocritical suggestion of alternatives such as a HGV ban on the A628.They are vastly aware that this suggestion is flawed in a number of ways.

First the cross-Pennine traffic consists of more private cars than HGVs.Secondly, they will not put the argument against traffic that arises in the Peak Park and the tourist traffic that visits the towns and park areas.A significant traffic flow moves in and out of the Peak Park, HGVs from the quarries and cement works, private vehicles taking Peak Park residents into the Greater Manchester area to work and play and vice versa.

Will the bypass objectors ask for a ban on these vehicles?Will they ask for a prohibition of tourist vehicles - some 17 million per year? Will the local objectors who live off the village' main roads, who without hesitation add their own vehicles to the congestion, use public transport?I suggest the answer to all the questions will be met with a mealy mouth, "let's find alternatives", instead of an honest "no" - it's do as I say not as I do.

They pay their lip service to how the problem of congestion is terrible but their care for the school and children or the residents of Market Street, Hollingworth, is second to all others.The fact seems not to matter that vehicular pollution via engine exhausts, particularly from brakes, tyres and clutch pads, invades the school and resident's homes, be it from the objectors' own vehicles or others. The support from those elected by the people is immense.The whole 10 Councils of Greater Manchester (including Tameside), the Regional Councils of the North West and East Midlands, Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Council, and the four MPs.Let the Inquiry make its decision and it it's positive, get on with the construction, so as to bring relief to those who live with the problem on a daily basis

Monday, 23 April 2007

Kinder Trespass

75 years ago the mass trespass of kinder took place near New Mills and signalled an era where the working man claimed his right to enjoy the countryside. No longer would the moors be the playground of the rich.

In 2007 a similar decision will be made. The public inquiry for the Mottram bypass will be an attack on the 30,000 landowners who live in the Peak Park by the 1.5 MILLION who live in the Manchester conurbation that WE, the workers, want to access the Park and shopping facilities in Yorkshire an to do so we WILL drive our cars.

I know Benny Rothman will be turning in his grave if he knew that the rich landowners had reclaimed his beloved National Parks for their private pleasure.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Stop the A57/A628 Bypass: Tin-Foil Hat at the ready

Stop the A57/A628 Bypass: Tin-Foil Hat at the ready

Mork calling Orson

It looks as though we have rattled the hippies! I bet when the 'anti' mob saw our last post they spat their muesli over their keyboards!!!

I wonder how they can claim over 1,000,000 hits on their blog but when you look at the posts each one has only one comment - which we posted!! haha

Does anyone know who Salvador Dali in a tin-foil hat is?

Is this the illusive Dan 'too scared to use my own name' Hooper?

time will tell! Keep watching for the latest bypass info HERE.

Monday, 16 April 2007

GLOSSOP - hours from nowhere

It took me over one hour to get out of Glossop this morning. A57 past simmondley (mortgage mountain) with it's over development - BLOCKED. A57 Woolley Bridge with its ne transport depots - BLOCKED. u-turn through Charleswoth - BLOCKED!

When will Glossop village 'Council' get their act together and STOP BUILDING HOUSES!!!!!!

The phrase of the day is - 2 short planks

Big Brother?

Can you believe the paranoid delusions of the anti-bypass people! They have such a small group that they are paranoid about Downing Street watching their revolutionary blog?!?

I can not believe that the I.P. address on Tony Blair's laptop is labelled as PM office. I think the editor of the anti-bypass blog is cooped up in his/her bunker with a bacofoil hat!
Check them out:
Lunacy reigns supreme!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Time for the MAJORITY to have their say!

it is time for the majority to stand up to the few and crush their protests over one of the smallest bypasses in Europe. Thousands of residents in Longdendale have shouted their support for the A628 bypass for 40YEARS and now that we are within sight of the releif iot will bring there are a few newbies in the village with their middle class whining about how the world should live without cars and electricity.

This Blog is available for everyone who supports progress. Who uses a car for essential travel. Who acknowledges that vehicles supply food and services. Who realsie that we will not go back to scavaging for services and having women and children dying through lack of health care!